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The master controller


KAIROS is a master controller. With its 8 individual outputs it produces various waveforms, functions, clock signals and even converts MIDI to CV.

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KAIROS, Greek god of the opportune moment, is a concept that represents a moment when circumstances are suitable for making important decisions or achieving a specific goal. In life, if we choose correctly at the right moment, we can have a positive impact and achieve our goals more effectively. Applying this idea, we present a master controller for Eurorack that allows you to adjust and control all the other modules at the right time to create a unique and coherent sound experience, giving way to creativity and experimentation: KAIROS.

Control your music

The purpose of KAIROS is to control and direct your Eurorack using waveforms, functions, clock signals, and MIDI-to-CV converters. Do you need a sequence of trigger signals for your drums? Done. How about automating a VCF? Of course. What if you want to do polyphony? It is also possible! Well, but it is necessary... We've got you covered; it's also possible with KAIROS. And since there are 8 independent outputs with 12-bit resolution, there is more control for your Eurorack!

Shapes and more shapes

We have designed several algorithms that allow us to generate almost any wave in a very simple way. Starting from basic shapes such as pulses, sines, triangles, clocks, Bézier curves... we can transform them by applying various modifiers: tilt, phase, delay, smoothing, quantization, offset, and many more. We have even included a crossover mode with various types of mixes.

Time to sequence!

All waves are played rhythmically. KAIROS includes an innovative hybrid step-euclidean sequencer. The best of both sequencers in one, allowing you to do really crazy things. What if we give it one more twist? In each step of the sequence you can even introduce 2, 3 or 4 microsteps, as if they were eighth notes, eighth triplet notes and sixteenth notes. Now we can make really interesting patterns. Ratios, directions... and those are not all the functions it has.

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A powerful UI

What stands out the most about this module is its generous circular full-color screen with a resolution of 240x240 pixels. The module interface has been carefully developed to take advantage of the circular design of the display. In this way, the aesthetics are much more pleasant, intuitive and with everything you need at a glance. Forget about having a hundred submenus with a thousand hidden parameters.

A bit more

KAIROS is easily controlled using the two encoders and buttons, but it is also possible to add small automations to the sequencer thanks to its CV input. Designed in Alcorcón, Madrid, by David Vijuesca and José Vijuesca.


The master controller


From $270.00
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11 HP


+12V: 100mA, -12V: 16mA


25 mm


120 g

The box includes the module and a power cable.