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Percussion synthesizer


METRO is a drum synthesizer and a rhythmic sequencer. It provides 11 percussion algorithms, euclidean and step sequencers and built-in effects, everything packed in a 13HP-width Eurorack module!

From $260.00


Who has never seen someone playing a drum set made of plastics and tubes in the subway? It’s amazing to see how a paint can and some other stuff can produce such interesting tones and rhythms. Inspired by the idea of generating a “percussive whole”, we present the Magerit Metro. It is a drum synthesizer and a rhythmic sequencer, everything packed in a 13HP-width Eurorack module. Let’s have a look at all the features included in METRO. It features a 16-bit stereo output and a sample rate of 44.1kHz.

Real time computation

We have developed 11 unique algorithms: 3 bass drums, 2 snares, 2 tom-toms, 2 cymbals, a string generator and hand claps one. Each model allows you to modify its parameters at ease. In addition, you can adjust the volume and pan of each instrument individually. And if this wasn’t enough, these settings can be stored. So, you won’t lose those nice tones once you turn off your Eurorack system.

6 independent channels

The module has 6 slots (or channels). On each one you can load one of the instruments and generate different rhythms. The Euclidean sequencer allows you to play with mathematical proportions and generate groundbreaking patterns. In addition, a second kind of sequencer is included: a step sequencer. Both are fully configurable, (number of steps, ratios…)

Absolute control

Regarding the control of each parameter, the TEMPO…, all potentiometers (and their respective CV inputs) are fully assignable. You can give any function to anyone. It is also possible to connect an External Clock Input! And that’s not all: all Trigger inputs are also modifiable. You can select which channel to run or even their response type: TRIGGER, ACCENT or RESET the channel’s sequence.

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Where is your performance?

Finally, the Magerit Metro has two built-in effects: Echo & Reverb (with a length of 2 seconds). Now your drum kit will sound as if you were in a stadium! Check out the manual to see all the module specs!


Percussion synthesizer


From $260.00
(Excl. taxes)



13 HP


+12V: 150mA, -12V: 5mA


25 mm


150 g

The box includes the module and a power cable.